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Check out our Spring Special Packages!

Window Cleaning Spring Specials!

(Windows up to 2 stories high. Windows higher than 2 stories may not be covered under these specials. Large windows on the 2nd story may count as 1 to 2 total windows, depending on the size.)

At Meria Exterior Cleaning, we offer a full window washing & window cleaning service that every homeowner can truly appreciate. Everything from your window panes, to your screens, and even deep into your window's tracks, we clean it all! Our work is guaranteed to leave you satisfied, and we're now proud to offer a 3-day 100% Rain Guarantee. So why not let us wash your windows and enjoy the view afterwards. If it rains and happens to ruin the view, we'll come back and clean your windows again!

A dirty window before washing
A clear, clean window after being cleaned by Meria Exterior Cleaning

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